This a blog

Mission Statement:

This is a blog about my painting and my teaching.  Here I will showcase new paintings before they go up on the website and when I can or must I might say a little about the process or techniques involved.  I would like to post small paintings that would be auctioned through E-bay on a semi irregular basis.

This is also where I will post news & assignments for the painting classes I teach.

I will also post announcements for exhibits and events: shows, classes, lectures, that kind of thing.  And links to good stuff. Lots of links.

I will begin by referring readers to my website From the paintings you see there you can gather a little background about my work.

A sample:

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2 Responses to This a blog

  1. Mary says:

    Congratulations, Michael, for creating a blog. That’s next on my art agenda! I’ll come to see the show. Mary Kostman

  2. Catherine Dunaway says:

    Hi Mike, its been forever. Love your work. How is life these days? How did you end up in Cape Cod? I moved back to Humboldt with my three kids 8 years ago but am ready to move on as soon as the twins are out of high school. It just never changes here. Hope to here from you, Cathy

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