Painting lessons in the studio, Summer 2012


Learn in the studio of a professional artist: Michael B. Wilson
Lessons will be held in Michael’s studio at 144 Moody Street,    Building 4 (AWA), in Waltham, MA 02453.

Lessons  from building stretchers to shipping to how to talk to galleries, including color, composition, shapes & volumes, blending & brushwork, textures, pattern, mixing color, mediums & solvents, portfolio presentation, and more*.

Customize your classes.  Schedule yourself for one-to-one lessons focused on a subject you want to learn.  For example, color relationships, creating atmosphere, portraits or landscapes from photographs.

Private lessons are $150 for 3 hours.

Packages of 5 private lessons at 3 hours each:  $500

Small group Classes limited to 3 students at a time, 3 hrs once a week: $75 for one lesson, $350 per student for 5 lessons.

Schedule a two – three hour lesson any day of the week, or multiple lessons on a regular basis.   Preferred class times are mornings, Monday – Saturday. Evening classes are available upon request.   Course schedule will be customized to accommodate individual schedules as much as possible. 

Materials  &  Techniques:

  • Brushwork: dry-brush vs. wet-on-wet, descriptive mark-making,
  • Palette-knife painting
  • Glazes and washes: How to use painting mediums


  • The basics: shape and form, line, value, composition, color wheel     
  • How to mix colors
  • How to create textures and patterns
  • Abstraction (How Things Feel, not How they Look)
  • How to paint from photos & Photoshop
  • How to paint landscapes outdoors
  • Sketching in the real world
  • Your idea goes here:______________
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2 Responses to Painting lessons in the studio, Summer 2012

  1. Libby Lowe says:

    Hi Michael, I looked at the information on your site about lessons. Do you have people I can join with on Friday morning? That would be great. If that is good, I will be there next Friday.
    What time?

    Thanks Libby Lowe

  2. mbwilsonart says:

    Hi Libby – Yes I have one other person, possibly more, coming on Friday mornings, so you’ll be in at the group rate. I look forward to seeing you next Friday.

    Thank you,


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