We have LIft-off!!

Okay it is official: My Kickstarter project is live!

Anyone who wants to, can help me spread the word by posting something about it on your Facebook page. That would make each of you an Especially Awesome Person, at least to me.

Yesterday, October 20, I stopped procrastinating and clicked the button to launch. There are now 29 days left to reach my funding goal of $3000. If I don’t raise that much, the project won’t go through.   Anything over that amount I get to keep.  To see examples of the latter, check out the “successfully funded” projects under Discover Projects button on the Kickstarter homepage.

I want to thank Nat Boyle, who is brilliant at turning ideas into words; Zaccur Fettig, for his camera work and advice; Sunniya Saleem, for everything; and Lawrence Ampadu, my new assistant, who is my new director of sales and marketing.  You will meet Lawrence at Open Studios, Nov 3 & 4.

This project would not be anywhere as good as it is without their help. My good fortune to have this team coalesce now is a sign that this is meant to be.  Perhaps it truly is my destiny that I take this quest!

With my steed, my lance, my lieutenant Sancho Panza, and the generosity of everyone who chooses to back “91 Paintings in 91 Days”,  I shall be starting my journey soon.

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