Sometimes Things Work Out Well

“Don Quixote Portrait #2″   pencil on paper; 5″ x 7”

Last summer I answered an ad on Craigslist from a young guy who wanted to barter his office and marketing skills for art lessons.  So we both took a chance and agreed to see how it went.  It’s going well.

In fact, here are 2 reasons why I love my new assistant Larry:

1.) He compiled this never-before-seen behind-the-scenes  video:

2.) He wrote this press release:

      Re.   Michael Wilson’s ‘Staff Pick’ project on Kickstarter: “Don Quixote: 91 Paintings in 91 Days”.

The work explores the connection between an artist, their subject and the constantly blurring definition of which is who. Don Quixote’s quests through an unsympathetic country-scape are rivaled in delusion only by an artist’s pursuit of their own ideal. Although the creative journey is rarely conclusive, it reveals a little more about the counterbalancing roles played by each.

I think this project is representative of many others which don’t
receive enough attention. Projects which challenge an artist’s
sensibilities and definition of who they are; projects which
ultimately change artistic direction by the sheer intensity of their
force. I think ’91 in 91′ succinctly manifests the frenzied, crazed
drive of an artist looking to break free of how they’ve been
expressing themselves for decades. And the challenges associated with that change: representation, acceptance, continuity.

I think your readers might enjoy an exploration of this and other
blind leaps of faith.

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