The 91st Day

The 91st Day: 33 paintings, 13 watercolors, and 50+ drawings since November 9th.  And I’m not done yet. Although I reached the goal 91 drawings and paintings I didn’t get to anything larger than one at 30″ x 20″ (Knight of the Long Face), and most no larger than 24″ x 28″.

Plus I haven’t yet exhausted the image of the gallant knight-errant Don Quixote, and  I haven’t yet reached the point of abstraction I am aiming for.  I have been getting closer recently; at least I’m beginning to get the hang of Cubism …

Cubist Portrait

An Honorable Profession
20″x16″, 2013

A few quotes from The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha

“Be quiet, Sancho, have patience, and one day you will see, with your own eyes, how honorable thing it is to exercise this profession.”

“A man who seeks the impossible may justly be denied the possible.”


When Madness is the Coin
20″x16″, 2013









“Therein lies the virtue and the excellence of my enterprise – for a knight-errant deserves neither glory nor thanks if he goes mad for a reason. A greater achievement is to lose to lose his reason for no reason.”

“Mad I am and mad I shall remain.”

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