The plein air paintings

To follow up the last post, “Learning to Paint Plein Air”, on what I take with me to paint outdoors, here are a few landscape paintings from this summer.

The most recent have a lighter tone, feeling more “airy” on purpose: I replaced darker colors like ultramarine blue, Courbet green, burnt umber and yellow ochre with cobalt or cerulean blue, cobalt teal, nickel yellow.

I picked up that tip from watching this Nita Leland’s video Creating Confident Color. I have been studying her book by the same name, hoping to learn things I can teach.

Walkway in The Park;
oil on canvas, 8 x 10″

Tree and Rock; Newton, MA
8 x 10″, oil on canvas

Waltham Commons;
oil on canvas, 11×14″


oil landscape

High Head, No. Truro; oil on canvas, 11×14″




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