An Upcoming Workshop: Realism to Abstraction

REALISM TO ABSTRACTION​                 
                         November 23 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

​ Weston AIC  Art and Innovation Center 
               356 Boston Post Road, 1st floor Weston, MA 02493         phone 781.786.6177   
                                                                  this workshop is now being offered at $120
This workshop will take a look at how artists have used realism as a starting point to explore unique ways of seeing and interpreting the natural world, and to access the artists’ inner world. While it often seems that abstract art has very little to do with depicting the world as we all agree that it looks like, the history of it is a linear, logical progression of simplifying forms into shapes that are less and less realistic, and swapping out colors for those that bring out the emotional power of color. A quick historical overview of that progression in order to understand some of the why did they do that? and how did they do that? and armed with a strong sense of play will be where we start to explore your unique interpretations of the world and get in touch with your inner abstractionist.

Using examples of paintings that exemplify that defining tenets of abstraction along with objects to paint from , we’ll explore elements of painting that apply to both abstraction and realism: composition, interactive shapes and forms, brushwork, color and more.  Techniques, processes and the ideas behind them will be emphasized.​

​Materials required:
​Acrylic or oil paint, brushes, canvas or paper, a sketchbook, and a pencil. (not supplied)

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