Upcoming Workshops in the Upcoming Decade

I will be teaching 2 one-day workshops in January in the new decade, aka next month. The first one will be Saturday, January 11, 2020, 10 AM – 4 PM at my studio 144 Moody Str, Waltham.* The topic of the workshop will be Painting Drapery. This will be a reprisal of the December 7 workshop, true, but that’s because the first was such a success I vowed to do another one. Plus I had several people ask for another chance to attend the painting drapery subject specifically, so I figured why wait? The cost will be $110. Please use the comment section below to let me know you’re coming, or write to me at wilson7945@gmail.com

Painting Drapery Workshop, Dec 7, 2019
fabric cloth painting
Antique White Drapery, Oil on canvas, 14″X11″

The second workshop on Saturday, January 25 at The Weston Arts and Innovation Center and I’m very excited about it. Titled From Realism To Abstraction, it’s for people who want to learn to create abstract paintings based upon the recognizable world without entirely leaving that world behind, and aren’t quite sure how to begin. To register for the workshop please visit: https://westonaic.org/program/realism-to-abstraction-2/

The workshop will be held at The Weston Arts and Innovation Center (WAIC) a new venue for me, and for just about everyone else. A group of dedicated citizens have recently transformed the old Weston library (an excellent example of how beautifully that era cared for the aesthetics of a building and how the look affected the people who entered and used it: with respect. Where else but a library, church, temple or mosque, can a person be expected to sit quietly and will be reprimanded if they don’t?) into an exciting center for arts, ideas, and activities. You’ll be hearing from me that hopefully, I’ll be hosting further workshops at the WAIC, and hopefully, eventually, a “paint’n’sip” night.

You can read about WAIC “The maker space branch of the Weston Public Library” at https://westonaic.org. To register for the workshop please click here. To read a more complete description of both workshops click on my website Michaelbwilsonstudios.com/teaching.

*The complete address is : 144 Moody Street, Building 4, Second floor (Artists WestAssociation), Waltham, MA 02453. For further assistance text me at 617-851-7945. For the Google map to my studio building click here

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