Brought to you through the: New Art Center           
61 Washington Park
Newton, MA 024661

Figure Drawing Basics  Dates: Oct 19 – Nov 2 … 3 Mondays, 9:30AM – 12:30PM … $165

To register please visit:

A 3-day workshop on different ways of drawing the human figure. There are endless ways to define the figure, and we’ll look at a few methods and approaches that illustrate some of the fundamental approaches we can use. Using photographs and drawings, we’ll be looking at how to see the human body so that it becomes something we can draw and paint. We will identify the gesture of the movement and the specific dynamics of the pose, and then add the parts: arms, legs, head, feet, etc., so they stay connected to each other. We will explore traditional drawing methods to create 3 dimensional forms: blending and shading, overlapping, contrasts, and context, using mostly, but not limited to charcoal, pencils and erasures.

Materials list: Charcoal, Ebony pencils, Erasure,  Drawing pads: 1 pad of newsprint, 1 pad of heavier drawing paper for extended drawings

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