The Dream – A Group Show at Honey Jones in Cambridge

I am very happy to announce that I am currently in a group exhibit of surrealist artists at Honey Jones Studio, an art gallery at 270 Concord Avenue in Cambridge, MA through the month of April.

Check the gallery website for the gallery hours and please come visit. Also note that there will be an Après Full Moon Closing on Wednesday April 28th from 2 – 6pm.

This is the artist statement I wrote for the paintings I have in the show:

    I make art in attempt to create order out of all of the beauty and chaos that’s happening to us all at once, giving form and visual poetry to the onslaught of visual stimuli and conflicting emotions and absolute uncertainty.  

   The past five years, more or less, mark a return to my life as a surrealist painter. I paint images of contrasting elements: i.e. abstraction/realism, organic/geometric, dynamic/static, infinite/temporary, in order to get beyond the visual world and into the subconscious.  

    Much of realistic painting over the centuries has had the aim of capturing a moment in time, while most of what we see, and experience now seems to be the opposite. We’re constantly having our attention pulled one way then another, being interrupted by traffic, phones, people behaving unpredictably, Netflix, Amazon and constant advertising everywhere, all the time. And that’s just normal life.

    Then comes the unexpected and often inexplicable: light bends so we see a ship floating in air above the sea, historical landmarks burn to the ground in bright orange flame under deep blue skies, and the streets of our mightiest cities stand stark in their emptiness as hospitals and cemeteries are overflowing.

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