Painting Drapery and Fabrics Workshop

Back by popular demand, I will be teaching a workshop on how to paint fabrics and drapery on consecutive Thursday, March 30 and April 6 at the New Art Center, Newtonville on March 30 and April 6. As of now, there is still space available.

Painting fabrics teaches us how to identify and combine simple shapes and forms, locating the light source, and representing the texture and weight of the material. However, those things can be done in any still life, or landscape or figure, for that matter. It’s the practice of capturing the swoop and flow of how drapery folds and falls that is the best part.

Once you’ve caught how it drapes, whether over a shoulder or over a chair, it’s a subject that allows the painter a lot of freedom because every piece of fabric is the same but different. Universal laws of gravity apply to all. If you express and control different ways that fabric drapes you can create a range of moods from gentle to dynamic.

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