I’m back

Here I am again. It’s been a busy spring and I have not been able to sit down to write. But it’s my job so here goes…

I haven’t left off Don Quixote as a subject, nor have I stopped painting cubistically,

2 at once

although I’ve been told that I am being repetitive, “stuck in a rut,” that it’s “time to move on” and so on. But I don’t see it that way. I have not exhausted the possibilities yet and I keep coming up with new ideas of how to make a new way of presenting this one subject.

ceramic bust1 biscDon Quixote1.3

As an artist I feel required to pursue ideas and images I am compelled to do, regardless of their consequences. In fact I feel it’s an artist’s job to seek out those ideas and images in search of ones that won’t let you go, and to confront them. To wrestle with an image idea, to form it and build it by creating the images that keep coming back; that’s my job. To paint them until I can’t paint them anymore whether it takes three weeks, three months or fifteen years. Then I can move on.


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