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I am currently in Colorado, in my home town, in the house I grew up in, staying with my brother. (His name is Dennis but as a kid he got the nickname Smokey).  If I said  this place, this town, this house are the source of who I am it wouldn’t be completely right, but there is definitely a lot of truth in it.

The Wilson Family, 2013

The Wilson Family, 2013


Storm clouds coming in from the East, 6/23/2015

Storm clouds coming in from the East, 6/23/2015

Below is a new ceramic earthenware, painted first with underglaze, which faded dramatically when it was fired the 2nd time. Much more than the first two. So I took it home and painted it with oil paints. I prefer it over the underglazing.

The Impostor         ceramic painted with oils

The Impostor
ceramic painted with oils

This is a Don Quixote, but not in the “normal,” sense – notice the Dandy-ish hat. This is the Don Quixote who appeared in the illegitimate “Part 2” of Don Quixote of LaMancha, which was not written by Cervantes. After the popular reception of the original book, some scoundrel wrote a sequel pretending that it was written by the original author. Well, Cervantes did write a Part 2, in which Don Quixote meets the  impostor in a tavern and confronts him, forcing him to admit to his fraud.


This  is the drawing that was the basis for the three recent ceramic pieces:

Dandy Drawing, 2015

Dandy Drawing, 2015


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