Pop-up show in Provincetown

August 17 – August 31, 2016 will find yours truly and erstwhile companion                 Rosemary Broton Boyle exhibiting at the Gallery Voyeur, 444 Commercial St, Provincetown. There will be a public reception to meet the artists on Friday, August 19 beginning at 6 PM. 

This will mark the return of OZ Gallery, which the two of us ran from 2002-2007.

Each of us will be showing a variety of styles charting the past 9 years, more or less. Rosemary will be bringing abstractions ranging from large scale constructions,

Pinwheel 2

Pinwheel 2  2012  acrylic/oil on canvas 48″x 48″

summer playtime sunbathers, and many smaller, more intimate pieces.

FSA #2

I will be showing paintings and sculpture showcasing my four-year infatuation with the story and legend of Don Quixote,


Blue Byways

King Of The Blue Highway  2016 oil on canvas  24″x18″

Gallant Madman



which in turn led to my own Cubist fictional character studies,

"Dulcinea, from Don Quixote,

A Woman Of Interest     2014, 40’x 30″ acrylic on canvas

a few large Pin-up Girls,

Blonde In A Yellow Sky

Queen Of The Heartland 2010 oil on canvas 72″x 48″

and a train or two.


Future Gone 2010 acrylic on paper 30″x 22″


If you’re planning a trip to Provincetown this summer, our exhibit coincides with Carnival Week, a colorful and flamboyant time including the always entertaining Carnival Parade on Thursday afternoon August 18.

We hope you can come see the show!

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