Open Studios 2017

Waltham Mill Artists Open Studios is November 4th & 5th this year, and for this year I will have an assistant, the young and beautiful Iryna Khomenko in my place. Yes, I will be gone but the studio will be open. This will be the second time since I moved to the Waltham studios in 1988 that I will miss Open Studios.

As I have spent most of the past year working on sculpture rather than painting, that is what you’ll see when you come. Sculptures of Don Quixote and more specifically, his horse Rocinante. For the past couple years I’ve been making these using wooden sticks, string, plaster and wire and paper to hold them all together, but lately I’ve become intrigued with building forms using just the sticks and glue, with plaster and spackle.

So come and see for yourself.

Waltham Artist Mills Open Studio, November 4th, 5th, 12-5 PM

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