Online Classes

In keeping with the times and current state of affairs, I’m offering online classes in painting and drawing.

The format will be that I provide a subject we’ll both paint from, usually either a still life I’ve photographed or a painting or drawing to copy. I begin the classes with a demonstration of what we’re going to paint or draw. I explain how to begin, what materials to use: pencils, brushes and colors, and what to think about as you enhance your skills and learn some tricks of the trade.

Class times vary. Lessons are available at 1 – 2 hour lengths for individuals and 2 – 3 hour lengths for groups of 2 or more.


Individual: 1 hour: $45; 2 hours: $60

Groups: 2 hour: $35 per student; 3 hours: $50

There are 2 instructional videos on YouTube:

How to copy a Vermeer and:                                                                                                         Painting Judith part 1 copying Christofano Allori’s  Judith with the Head of Holofernes

Here is a sampling of current students’ work:

A painting by me:

in progress

Oil painting by Michael B Wilson


One more of mine:

Detail of painting by Michael B Wilson


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