ONLINE FIGURE DRAWING CLASSES: An ongoing Wednesday evening online workshop on drawing the human figure.

WEDNESDAYS SEPTEMBER 16- October 28 6:30-8:30 PM

$220 for 4 lessons or $60 per class

An ongoing Wednesday evening online workshop on drawing the human figure.

There are endless ways to define the figure, and we’ll look at a few methods and approaches that illustrate some of the fundamental approaches we can use. Using photographs and drawings, we’ll be looking at how to see the human body so that it becomes something we can draw and paint.

First, by identifying the gesture of the movement and the specific dynamics of the pose. Then, adding the parts as simple geometric volumes: arms, legs, head, feet, nose, etc., making certain that they connected to each other.

I will show how to create traditional drawing of 3 dimensional forms by blending and shading, creating form, overlapping, contrasts, and context. Materials will be primarily, but not limited to charcoal, pencils, erasures, ink, wash, collage, and paint.

Bring to the first class: 1. Pencils: soft graphite: 2B, 3B, 4B Ebony pencils by Prismacolor are my preference. 2. Charcoal: Several sticks of soft and hard vine charcoal, Compressed charcoal such as Conte or the long square sticks. They give a deeper, darker, more permanent mark than vine charcoal.

3. A pad of newsprint or a stack of cheap, throwaway paper such as typing or copier paper for gesture drawings. Done quickly, they are meant for practice, not for reworking.

4. An 18” x 24” drawing pad for extended studies.

A kneaded erasure, a gum erasure, a few brushes, and a container of water.

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